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News & Resources

The Cornerstone Institute supports both current and former students in any way they can. Here are some resources to take advantage of – including our Alumni Network and the Cornerstone Village program below.


Alumni Network

The Cornerstone Institute is committed to supporting graduates in their postsecondary journeys. We support alumni in the following areas:   


Career Growth: We invite and encourage all of our former students to take advantage of current job opportunities the firm has to offer. All postings can be accessed on our Career Page.  

Professional Development: We host a number of events geared towards professional growth and development throughout the year. This includes our Cornerstone Village series, which we launched during the pandemic to keep employees and graduates engaged in matters affecting their careers as well as their personal and professional growth.

Alumni Networking: Our alumni directory provides past students with opportunities to engage with the Institute and each other. If you are interested in participating, please complete the short contact form below:  

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About Cornerstone Village

Cornerstone Village’s purpose is to bring together members of the Cornerstone family who share common interests and life goals by offering a series of workshops to create engagement and build community. We have formed five distinct groups: financial literacy, entrepreneurship, real estate, humanitarianism, and health and wellness.

All Cornerstone Institute students are welcome to participate in Cornerstone Village events along with Cornerstone employees.

Financial Literacy

Members learn about wealth creation and wealth transfer options, including Wills, Trusts, and other financial instruments.


Community members are taught how to translate ideas, inventions, or technologies into products and services.

Real Estate

A group to find out how to buy land, finance real estate deals, build or have builders build projects, and orchestrate the process of development from beginning to end.


Participants share ideas about contributing skills, talents, and abilities to help people around the world.

Health and Wellness

This group supports community members in the many dimensions of wellness including emotional, financial, intellectual, physical, and spiritual.

Covid-19 Policies

The Cornerstone Institute follows all current COVID recommendations from the CDC. Students will receive a copy of the most updated procedures with enrollment information.


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