The Cornerstone Institute teaches the foundations and principles of the following industries: Architecture, Engineering, Construction Technology, Real Estate Development, and Urban Planning. 


The Cornerstone Institute teaches the foundations and principles of the following industries: Architecture, Engineering, Construction Technology, Real Estate Development, and Urban Planning. 

Professional Courses

The guiding principle behind our programs is Budo, the Way of the Warrior.

Just as the Warrior must demonstrate mastery of his or her skills before advancing to higher levels, our students are challenged to elevate through technical mastery of the industry, beginning at the Foundation Level with a White Belt, and ascending to the highest Industry Level, with a Red Belt.

Advancement beyond the belt series leads into the Warrior series.

About our Courses

Curriculum Overview

Watch as Wayne Perry explains the Institute’s award-winning courses. 

Program Courses:

  • Principles of Architecture
  • Principles of Engineering
  • Principles of Urban Planning
  • Principles of Real Estate Development
  • Principles of Construction Technology
  • Introduction to Facilities Management

Overview: Fundamentals of Design and Construction Technology and Facilities Management

White Belt is a 4-week introductory program that teaches the principles of six subject areas, including: Architecture, Engineering, Construction Technology, Real Estate, Urban Planning, and Facilities Management. Students get practical hands-on skills from these industries and learn the fundamentals of architectural and engineering tools, blueprint reading, and model making. Faculty members share their expertise and experiences to communicate their knowledge through classroom discussions and learning activities. This program also develops and emphasizes the professional and interpersonal skills needed to succeed in the industry.

Program Courses

  • Document Control Specialist
  • Plan Room Clerk
  • General Office Clerk
  • Architecture/Engineering Technician
  • Field Engineering Technician
  • Facilities Management Technician

Overview: The Practice of Design and Construction Technology

Blue Belt is a 12-week program that teaches the practice of the six subjects introduced in White Belt. This program goes into depth about the day-to-day aspects of working in different careers, such as: Document Control Specialist, Plan Room Specialist, Field Engineering Technician, Architecture/Engineering Technician, General Office Specialist and Facilities Management Technician. Blue Belt also offers instruction on cost estimating, blue print take-offs, document control, and the processing of RFIs and submittals. Students gain hands on experience through the use of tools and technology such as, Google Sketch Up, AutoCAD, and Primavera. Students entering the workforce will also learn how to strengthen their professional and interpersonal skills.

Program Courses

  • Office Engineer
  • Field Engineer

Overview: Professional Insight into Construction Engineering

Purple Belt is a 12-week program that gives students a detailed overview of the duties of an Office Engineer and Field Engineer. This program is intended for individuals who already have a college degree. Students undergo customized training to enhance their skills and become better qualified to compete for careers, as well as gain practical knowledge and experience in the industry. This program is accomplished through internships and employment opportunities.

Program Courses

  • Project Manager
  • Project Controls Manager
  • Contracts Manager

Overview: Mastering Construction Management

Brown Belt is a 12-week program for seasoned professionals who have been in the industry for over 10 years. The program includes a series of classes to teach new skills, help students advance, change careers, or obtain ongoing training to be more proficient in their current roles or move on to the next level in their careers. Students enhance their understanding about the correlation and coordination between a Project Manager, Project Controls Manager, and Contracts Manager. This course is achieved through a combination of instruction and mentoring by master teachers who guide them through their career paths by sharing valuable practices and insights.

Program Courses

    • Target and Capture Contracts
    • Negotiate and Administer Contracts
    • Perform and Manage Contracts 

    Overview: Success in Commercial Relationships with Public and Private Entities

    Black Belt is an executive program in leadership. It is ideal for enterprise level companies and C–level executives. It is designed to help participants put effective, collaborative methods of leadership to work in their organizations. Participants will better understand how to capture public and private contracts, how to manage the contracts, and financial operation strategies. The program is accomplished through a series of workshops led by industry leaders.

    Program Courses

    • Promoting Diversity and Inclusion
    • Operating at Capacity with Your Talent
    • Innovation and Problem Solving

    Overview: All Around the World Series

    Red Belt is a seminar series that brings together industry thought leaders who have an agenda of topics that need to be addressed in our industry. These industry thought leaders, who are at the top of their game in architecture, engineering, urban planning, real estate, facilities management, and construction technology come together to have a greater influence and achieve strategic objectives. Participants operate within a think tank environment to address opportunities and trends, to create ideas, promote innovation, and provide solutions to advance our industry.

    Program Courses

    • Leadership and Team Building
    • Organizational Transformation
    • Best Practices and New industry Trends
    • The Future of the Industry

    Overview: The Warrior Series

    The Warriors Series is an advanced, customizable program for businesses and organizations. These are a series of sessions tailored to the individual clients, including government agencies and private firms, to help promote leadership and best practices. Learning in the Warrior Series is accomplished through a sequence of conversations, role playing scenarios, and out of the box team building activities, including case studies. Top industry experts are brought in to provide valuable insights, including lessons learned, real life scenarios, practical knowledge, and best practices. Activities are designed to create a dialogue, build trust, and expand the way the people in the organization think through invoking problem-solving techniques and scenarios.


    Potential Jobs

    Employment opportunities for those already placed or considering careers within these fields are significant and expanding.  The present and future need for occupations within these industries is particularly relevant to the District as the city continues to develop its economic development plan at a seemingly fast pace.  


    Office Engineer


    Field Engineer


    Resident Engineer


    Engineering Technician


    Facilities Manager / Supervisor / Associate


    Project Manager


    Contract Administrator


    Cost Estimator






    IT Helpdesk Associate



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